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Zkoušky z teorie PPL(A), LAPL(A) NEBO ULL? Zkoušky z teorie PPL(A), LAPL(A) NEBO ULL?
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You do not need to own a plane for flying, we will be happy to rent you anything from our fleet. We love taking care of the aircraft and they are available for you at any time.

Sport aircraft

Sport aircraft, also called general aviation aircraft, can be rented from approx. € 129 per hour


Flying in a helicopter brings real freedom. We will be happy to rent you one of our machines at a price from approx. € 288 per hour.

Ultralight Aircraft

Ultralight aircraft are no longer a mess of canvas-coated tubes. The modern ultralight aircraft outperforms most general aviation aircraft with its performance and features. We will be happy to lend you UL aircraft from approx. € 78 per hour.


Our simulator is fully movable on a hydraulic base. It is certified for training pilots FNTP II, IR, MEP and MCC. In addition to training pilots, we also offer bad weather flights for VFR pilots and flights for aviation enthusiasts who want to test an airliner. Try our simulator for approx. € 102 per hour.