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Zkoušky z teorie PPL(A), LAPL(A) NEBO ULL? Zkoušky z teorie PPL(A), LAPL(A) NEBO ULL?
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Once you have a pilot's license, you won't just fly at home! Come and learn how to fly abroad with us!

If you already own one of the "hobby" aviation licenses, such as LAPL, UL or PPL, we offer you additional training to develop your aviation skills. Don't just fly around the chimney!

Flying across borders and landing at unknown airports is one of the most beautiful flying disciplines. But not everyone wants to try their first trip from their home country alone and without help. That's why we want to offer you a foreign flight training with an experienced instructor. We have prepared two different routes for you, in which you will get a lot of experience and communication. And the best - you fly in two, i.e. you only pay half.

Why do we list flying terms that can be done at any time? It's easy. We want the whole training to be the most beneficial for you. It is not good to just sit down and fly. In the morning we will meet at the airport one hour before departure, where we will discuss the whole flight and communicate it on paper. We will explain how a flight plan is served, what to watch out for when traveling abroad, and give you an arrival map. The flight itself will be better. In case of a trip to Austria, we will also take the time to visit the legendary Hangar 7.

The entire event is open to two candidates who take turns in mid-flight. Pilots and students of all categories (even UL!) can fly. Pilots with a PPL and retraining for a given type can register this flight as PIC. If you just want to take a trip and have no pilot license, we will also be happy to take you.

First route: Sazená - Dresden - Chemnitz - Dresden - Sazená

The first pilot will fly from Sazená to Dresden, where he will land and taxi to the apron. Then we will go through all the checks that await you on a foreign flight and head to the uncontrolled Chemnitz Airport. There you take turns and the second adept goes back to Dresden (with a full landing) and home to Sazená. Each of you will try to arrive and leave the controlled airport and fly to the uncontrolled airport.

We recommend this event to anyone who wants to communicate with air traffic controllers as much as possible during a short time and want to have a check at our school for independent foreign flights.

  • Price according to DA40 / C172RG / P2006T aircraft pricelist: (1:10 estimated flight time)
  • Pre-flight briefing, briefings, instructor: approx. € 65 (79 with VAT)
  • Navigation, airport and landing charges abroad: approx. € 63 (77 with VAT)

Second route: Sazená - Salzburg - Sazená

The first adept will fly to Salzburg with all this: activating a flight plan, communicating with the INFORMATION unit, and arriving to the controlled Salzburg airport in Austria. After landing, we will not go back right away, but we will enjoy this wonderful destination. For example, we will go to the legendary aviation museum in Hangar 7. On the way back, the second candidate will fly, he/she will try to leave the controlled airport with a flight plan and fly over the border with landing in Sazená.

  • The price according to the price list for the aircraft DA40 / C172RG / P2006T: (estimated flight time 2:20)
  • Pre-flight briefing, briefings, instructor: approx. € 65 (79 with VAT)
  • Navigation, airport and landing charges abroad: approx. € 63 (77 with VAT)

The final price depends on the actual flight time and the actual landing and navigation charges. These fees are divided between both adepts. The listed price is for one adept. You only pay half of the price of the plane and just what you are actually flying!