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Bristell B23 is a single-engine, low-wing monoplane, which is equipped with an air-water-cooled four-cylinder aircraft engine Rotax 912. It´s MTOW is 750 kilograms and with two - 120 liters tanks it is perfect for low operational costs and long range flights.

The airplane is certified for VFR flying day and night and is equipped with Garmin avionics and autopilot. The comfort of the crew is ensured with very nice and well worked-out cockpit and leather seats. We use this aircraft for PPL, CPL, LAPL and NIGHT training.

Technical specification

  • engine: Rotax 100HP
  • variable pitch propeller
  • number of people on board: pilot + 1
  • cruise speed: 117 kts
  • range up to 600 NM (app. 1100 km)
  • avionics Garmin + autopilot
  • equipped for night flying

Rental price

  • Base flight hour: approx. € 156 (189 with VAT)
  • Prices include aircraft and fuel.
  • We fly all year round, planes are heated.

What you need to rent an aircraft

  • A valid pilot's license and retraining for the type are required for the rent an aircraft.
  • You must sign a rental agreement before renting.
  • If you do not own a pilot's license, we will be happy to rent a plane with a qualified pilot.

How to order a plane rental?

The aircraft can be ordered by filling out a form or by phone at: (+420) 724 327 922