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Zkoušky z teorie PPL(A), LAPL(A) NEBO ULL? Zkoušky z teorie PPL(A), LAPL(A) NEBO ULL?
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An ultralight aircraft pilot license entitles one to fly aerodynamically controlled two-seater aircraft to a total take-off weight of 475 kg. This is the most affordable and most frequently attended course.

Requirements for the student

  • Minimum age of 15, legal guardian consent for persons under 18 years of age.
  • Medical certificate from authorized physician.
  • It is advantageous for every pupil to be a member of LAA CZ, which offers favorable insurance and only distributes the Pilot magazine to the members.

Course of the training

Theoretical part

The theory of flying is discussed in the classroom of the Sazená flying school and you are also studying our E-learning. After completing the first part of the theory, the practical part begins - flying.

  • ULL outline (ultralight plane):
  • aerodynamics and flight mechanics
  • construction of SLZ (sport flying equipment)
  • procedures UL1, UL2, UL3,
  • connecting rule,
  • navigation,
  • meteorology,
  • engines, propellers and instruments.

A part of theoretical training is the course of radio operators of aircraft stations.

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Practical part

A minimum of 20 flight hours is required to obtain a ULL pilot license. Practical part outline:

  • Exercise 1.: Introductory flight.
  • Exercise 2.: Direct flight, rudder function.
  • Exercise 3.: Turns up to 15º tilt.
  • Exercise 4.: Turns up to 45º tilt.
  • Exercise 5.: Take-off, traffic pattern and landing training.
  • Exercise 6.: Slip, fall prevention, flight speed.
  • Exercise 7.: Correction of wrong budget and landing.
  • Exercise 8.: Safety landing training.
  • Exercise 9.: Emergency landing training.
  • Exercise 10.: Landing with side wind.
  • Exercise 11.: Flight with covered devices.
  • Exercise 12.: Check before the first flight alone.
  • Exercise 13.: Separate flight over the traffic pattern. First Solo!
  • Exercise 14.: Traffic pattern check flight.
  • Exercise 15.: Separate flight over the traffic pattern.
  • Exercise 16.: Turns of 15º until 45º tilt.
  • Exercise 17.: Fall prevention, slip.
  • Exercise 18.: Budget training.
  • Exercise 19.: Cross country navigation 200 km.
  • Exercise 20.: Cross country navigation 100 km.
  • Exercise 21.: Cross country navigation 100 km.


It can start immediately, the training is individual with us, you plan flights yourself in our application.
We fly all year round, our planes are heated.

Completing the course and obtaining a license

After completing the basic curriculum of the whole course, if the pupil is prepared according to the instructor, he / she takes the final exams at Sazená airport. The exam consists of a theoretical test and a practical flying test. The LAA CR inspector decides on the issue of the pilot license based on the results.


According to the training curriculum, a minimum of 20 flight hours must be completed. However, it is only a prescribed minimum, which does not automatically entitle you to obtain a pilot certificate!

We won't let anyone who really is not be able to fly take the final exams!


From our offer you can choose from several types of UL aircraft on which you want to complete your training.

Where to go next?

Test pilot

Not sure? Come and try flying or arrange a personal consultation with one of our instructors. Contact us at tel (+420) 724 327 922.