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Don't be afraid of flying into controlled areas. However, you need to fly there legally and properly trained. UL pilots must complete this extension training for their base cards before flying to controlled areas.

Prices of Controlled VFR Flights training

Controlled VFR Flights - A theoretical and practical course focused on traffic-controlled flights - VFR (Visual Flight Rules). After graduating, you can fly in CTR, TMA and international traffic-controlled airports. This course is only for UL license holders.

Requirements for the student

  • Retraining for Faeta 321 or Faeta NG.
  • A valid UL pilot license.
  • A valid radiotelephone license.

Course of the training

Theoretical part - Controlled VFR:

The theory has a range of 8 hours, the lectures take place in the classroom at Sazená Airport and include:

  • flight plan submission,
  • working with AIP, NOTAM and maps
  • the pilot's ability to acquire information for a flight in a controlled area
  • training of radio correspondence for flight in a controlled space
  • altimeter setting procedures,
  • entrance and leaving CTR.

Practical part - Controlled VFR flights:

The practical part of the course includes prescribed tasks with a focus on independent radiocommunication:

  • Control cross country navigation with a stopover at two foreign airports with AFIS service. Verification of the pilot's ability to guide the aircraft along the route at the specified altitude and conducting Radiocommunication.
  • Ground preparation for cross country navigation, flight plan submission, controlled flight mode, arrival and departure from a controlled airport.
  • Cross country navigation with landing, taxiing and departure to a controlled airport; the pilot submits the flight plan. The pilot himself/herself flies on a planned track with the specified altitude and independently conducts radio communications under the supervision of an instructor. Every flight is made on a different track.
  • Examination - cross country navigation with a traffic inspector with landing, taxiing and departure at a controlled airport, including fight plan submission and preparation of navigation by the pilot.

We fly all year round and the planes are heated.

Completing the course and obtaining a license

Flight with an LAA CZ Inspector (with CF VFR qualification) to a controlled airport. Upon successful completion of the practical and oral theoretical exam, you will be qualified as "Controlled flights VFR", which will be confirmed in your pilot's license.

Prices of the Controlled VFR Flights training

  • Aircraft Bristell UL - 4h: approx. € 499 (603 with VAT) + Theory 8h: approx. € 104 (125 with VAT)
  • Aircraft Faeta 321 - 4h: approx. € 396 (479 with VAT) + Theory 8h: approx. € 104 (125 with VAT)

The prices shown do not include landing charges for controlled airports. The cost of the aircraft, fuel and instructor are included. You can find other prices in our price list.