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Zkoušky z teorie PPL(A), LAPL(A) NEBO ULL? Zkoušky z teorie PPL(A), LAPL(A) NEBO ULL?
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An ATPL pilot license allows its holder to apply for a job as a transport pilot at airlines. Training consists of step-by-step training ranging from the first private pilot license, through night flying licenses, instrument flying, multi-engine pilot and commercial pilot.

Student requirements

  • Minimum age of 17, legal guardian consent required for persons under 18 years of age.
  • A valid medical report on 1st class medical fitness with initial inspection by a certified workplace, e.g. the Institute of Aviation Medicine or Wiener Privatklinik.
  • You need a radiotelephone license for the first separate flight (the course is part of the theoretical training).

Completing the ATPL course

It consists of successive training:

 Training Hours FNTP II Total hours Price Aircraft
PPL 40 5 45 approx. € 5 396 C150
Theory PPL       approx. € 549  
Exam PPL 1   46 approx. € 117 C150
Night 5   51 approx. € 704 C150
TB 44   95 approx. € 5 159 C150
Theory ATPL       approx. € 2 091  
Retraining DA-40 2   97 approx. € 331 DA40
IR/SEP 20 30 147 approx. € 6 580 FNTP II / DA40
Exam IR/SEP 2   149 approx. € 353 DA40
TB 16   165 approx. € 1 876 C150
MEP 6   155 approx. € 1 990 P2006T
Exam MEP 1   156 approx. € 305 P2006T
IR/MEP 2 3 161 approx. € 975 FNTP II/P2006T
TB 30   191 approx. € 4 690 C150
Retraining C172 2   193 approx. € 360 C172RG
CPL(A) 5   196 approx. € 1 096 C172RG
CPL(A) 10   206 approx. € 1 173 C150
Exam CPL 2   208 approx. € 360 C172RG
Total       approx. € 33 993  

These prices do not include VAT.

In total, the applicant for this license must have completed at least 200 flight hours. All training lessons are included in these hours. Necessary hours to complete the required 200 hours, which are not part of the training, so-called “time building“, are included in our offer.

It is complete training and flying from zero to ATPL including the theoretical parts (Zero to Hero).


It can start immediately, the training is individual with us, you plan flights yourself in our application.
We fly all year round, our planes are heated.


The price is listed in the chart and in the current price list. Landing charges are not included and cannot be included because it is not clear in advance how many landings at which airports the student will perform. But this is not a significant amount. They range from ten crowns per landing. Only large international airports require hundreds of crowns, but there are not too many landings at them.

The price is not required completely in advance, it is possible to pay in installments during the training.

Test pilot

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