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The aim of the IRI training course is to train the applicant to provide training to holders of pilot licenses for an issue of IR qualification. After completing the training course, the applicant must be able to train the applicant to the level prescribed for the IR qualification, including pre-flight briefing, post-flight debriefing and theoretical training.

Entry requirements

  • Minimum age: 18 years
  • Pilot license and qualification:
  • CPL (A) or PPL (A) including IR (A) and carry out an IFR flight time of at least 800 hours, of which at least 400 hours must be completed in airplanes.
  • For FI (A) holders, they shall have completed an IFR flight time of at least 200 hours, of which up to 50 may be on the FNTP II simulator.
  • The instructor - pupil must hold at least a valid class II health certificate according to PART-MED.

Recognition of past experience: Applicants who are or have been holders of an FI certificate will be fully credited within 25 hours of teaching activity and the practical training may be shortened to 5 hours.

Course of the training


The price is stated in our price list.