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A day when I didn‘t fly was like a day that I didn‘t even live.

Michal Raudenský, founder and instructor in Fly For Fun flying school.

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Michal Raudenský, a pilot - instructor of ultralight aircraft ULLa, instructor and inspector of ultralight helicopters ULLh, ULLa test pilot, business pilot of CPL(A) aircraft, business pilot of CPL(H) helicopters, FI(A) aircraft instructor, a FI(H) helicopters instructor, a tow worker and a pilot of multi engine MEP aircraft. So far he has flown over 8,000 hours, most of it as an instructor, since 1994.

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Mark, Tomas and Martin Sykora

Our adventure flight was spiced up by the foggy landscape and sunset. It was also interesting to watch the pilot doing his job and constantly watching to ensure a safe return to the airport. Thank you for the great experience!


Mark, Tomas and Martin Sykora
Ivo S., Taken from TripAdvisor

Whether you just want to fly or aim to get a pilot's license and enjoy the bird's eye view yourself, you can't go wrong here. They are friendly, nice and helpful - and if you are a learner, they employ the right measure of strictness. I've been flying with them for years, and I'm very grateful that it was here that fate brought me. Come join us too! :)

Ivo S., Taken from TripAdvisor
Lukáš P., taken from Tripadvisor

Today, I experienced what is called a Test pilot with the Robinson 44 helicopter and it was a big success. The weather was perfect, the instructor was perfect and apparently very experienced. I recommend it to everyone who wants to have a unique experience.

Lukáš P., taken from Tripadvisor
Ondřej Š., taken from Google

I had a test flight there and I can only recommend it. The experience was superb and the airport staff were very friendly.

Ondřej Š., taken from Google
Jaroslav, taken from TripAdvisor

I have been flying with Fly For Fun since 2003 and I have been absolutely satisfied with both the planning and flying for the whole time. The airplanes are available at any time if the weather is suitable. I can highly recommend not only sightseeing flights but also training. A very suitable alternative is the event called Test pilot. Come and check it out :-)

Jaroslav, taken from TripAdvisor

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Welcome to our website. We are a flying school that takes pride in teaching our customers to fly. We founded the school in 1995 with a great enthusiasm for flying. We are all pilots who love flying and we have experience with its various forms. From flying for fun and ultralights to transport pilots. We fly airplanes and helicopters and we also have a moving simulator. So if you want to learn to fly really well and safely, you are in the right place.

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